Tuesday, 28 July 2015

a letter for you

'Every story has its ending, and this is our ending'

we've come along from the day we met at BK3, Jabatan Perdagangan. we get know each other since that and today is the ending. it's ain't our fault. no one's right and no one is wrong. it's both. maybe we are too young for these. anggaplah ini sebagai pemangkin semangat untuk menjadi lebih matang dan berjaya dikemudian hari.

i know you still love me. deep down. and i love you too with all my heart, it just half of me cant accept with what had happen between us. and i am pretty sure you are stay loyal when we were together, you have not looking other girl even tough we staying apart one another.

'feeling of unworthiness comes from giving your heart and receive little of nothing in return.'
Harriet Turk

let me be frank, this is what i felt at least. in the silence i found the answer. too many chances i gave and i got but seems like this one is the end. aku cuba bertahan dengan this long distance relationship and aku berharap kau pun bersama aku. dan akhirnya aku rebah setelah sebulan dua minggu dari kali terakhir kita bertemu.

'no distance is too much for true love'

whole night i kept thinking about what should i do with us, this morning i had made my mind. im sorry make you like this. left you in misery.

you had to know something that knowing you is the best thing ever happen in my life. the joy, the happiness, the sweetness, the angryness and all. i appreciate all that. nothing can change that and the memories are so overwhelming. 

biarlah kita bawa haluan masing-masing. ada rezeki kita ketemu lagi. dan aku harap ketika itu kita sudah matang untuk membuat penilaian. ada jodoh kita bersama, andai tiada sampai sini sahaja hubungan kita. semoga kau ketemu yang lebih baik dari aku dan tidak banyak peel macam aku.

aku doakan kau berjaya didunia dan diakhir kelak. bertemu jodoh dari kalangan yang baik-baik. im happy for you in everything you do. you have my support.

move on ainaa.
move on ammar.

our love story has ended.

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