Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Light & The Love

there are times when we feel sad and blue. we need a shoulder to cry on. there are times when we feel like the world is against us in anything we did and everything seemed to be wrong. there are times when we feel unwanted, unneeded. but the only person who never give up on us keep telling to be strong. to move on. the person will shed the tears and fill up the tank of heart with undying love.

thank you mother for always believing in me.
thank you mother for always be there for me through thick and thin.
thank you mother for being the greatest superwoman in my world.

whenever I see it black, you will always come to me to lighten it up.without your light, I'm blind. without your touch, I'm a heartless person that could be worst than animal for losing the heart. without your love, I'm dying. whenever I miss you, I will just close my eyes and I know I can feel you there,
it's the love that tighten us to be together.

a woman can be a divorced from a husband.
a girlfriend can be broken up from a boyfriend.
a friend can be ditched from the other friend.
but a mother and her children can never be apart no matter what happens.
worldly and hereafter, you will be my mother.
it's a bless from Allah.

thank you Allah for blessing me with such an angel.

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