Friday, 20 September 2013

it's you

who am i in you heart?
how i can act like there's nothing between us?
how you can shows that innocent face?
we are less talking when face to face but lot of things to share whenever we're in chat.
we used to be stranger but when only you and me we're more than stranger.

you are a sweet talker
you know how to buy my heart
you know how to put smile on my face

i am heartless
i dont know how to lovey dovey
i am not that type of girl who love all those lovey dovey
i am simple
i am rarely confess about my feeling but it's good enough if you know about it.

you always called me 'manja' and at the same times called me 'budak nakal'
wanna know what?
its only happen when i'm with you.
when with others I AM ME

you're an ecstacy to me
always brings me high when we chat
you're an motivator to me
always give me some motivation when i don't know how to spill it

dang!why it's so poyo??

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